Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been very well analysed and defined in the business and the scientific literature. However, this is just one side of the picture. On the other side of the “responsibility” issue, there is quite a different dilemma – Employees Economic Responsibility (EER). Adding this new perspective to our overall picture of every business performance, it is possible to create more sustainable growth, both for employers and employees. It is possible to achieve the “win-win” pay-off for those two key interests group, however there are several conditions that have to be met. EER addresses the issue of sustainable growth of every business entity from different responsibility point of views. It tries to design the management model that represents key indicators for success in terms of sustainable growth (economic/social), partnership, and responsibility. It also describes all mayor conditions and values that have to be supported in the purpose to ensure the effective implementation of  the more balanced, sustainable and permanent model of business growth. So, the Excellent Management is possible when we can manage the formula CSR = EER.

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