We all value a good working atmosphere. We care about good relations with colleagues. Every good boss does everything to avoid any disputes, quarrels, battles. It seems that this organizational idea serves everyone. Such organizational culture creates a space for development, cooperation and satisfaction. Ultimately, everyone should be satisfied. Truth? Well, not exactly …

The theory of conflict management largely focuses on conflict resolution [Robbins, Thompson, Thomas]. If a conflict, which largely is based on emotions, grows into a major destructive force in the company, management must act. There is, however, the other side of the coin. In a situation of complete lack of conflict, lack of specific tension, substantive dispute, the organization plunges into apathy, stagnation and sterilization [Bugiel, Haber]. Everyone is „having fun”, only the company suffers, more specifically, the efficiency of work and management is not competitive anymore.

Thus, sometimes a moderate, substantive, and controlled conflict is useful. Very often it is extremely needed. Without it, there is simply no dynamic individual or organizational development. If the conflict is missing, the entrepreneur must enter. Of course, the new, artificial conflict must be kept under control.  Otherwise, we will return to the starting point, where the management will have to implement conflict resolution over again. In any case, conflict is the energy that can build and destroy every organization. Good luck!

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