Every business organization is an open system. Open for all kinds of inputs and outputs. In general, this type of system, organization always integrates two key perspectives (quantitative and qualitative). As a consequence, it implies a clash of two value flow streams: economic and cultural/social ones. All in all, we always have to deal with the skill of balancing all key, strategic objectives and all particular needs of stakeholder groups that are related, one way or the other to economic and/or social values. However, the so called “coordination factor” is only achieved by implementing those two different approaches, two different ontological and methodological perspectives at the same time. In this case, “open” means the attitude, the readiness to share, to combine, to negotiate or even to go to the battle. By the way, in business you have to be always open minded. As a result of this clash of needs and values, we achieve organizational synergy effect, which leads finally, the entire organization to above average results – both economic and social ones.  At last, the above average growth of organizational value, both of quantitative and qualitative nature, defines the measure of what we may call “Organizational Excellence”.

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